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The Park:
Canyons, Caves & Rock Churches
This tour begins by getting out of town & heading over to the Park of the Materan Moors and hiking along the rim of the Gravina, or canyon.  Here we'll have the opportunity to explore prehistoric caves & the site of early Christian, monastic communities located throughout the canyon outside of town. Then we move on to the "Sistine Chapel" of rupestrian churches - the Crypt of Original Sin, located on a private vinyard about 15 minutes outside of town. The church, once used as a crypt, is hailed for its exquisitely unique 8th - 9th century frescos depicting the early chapters of Genesis, as well as other biblical scenes and figures.
This excursion is great for a more naturalistic introduction to the town & offers close-ups, as well as breathtaking panoramas of the area's unique natural and urban landscapes and historic sites..
Tour Details
  • Duration: approximately 2 - 2.5 hours 
  • Cost: Contact me by email for an estimate.
  • Level of difficulty: easy - moderate, (depending on physical fitness level). *Comfortable walking shoes with good traction are a must!
Along the Canyon
The Crypt of Original Sin
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