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The Park:
Canyons, Caves & Rock Churches
This tour begins by getting out of town & heading over to the Park of the Materan Moors and hiking along the "Gravina" canyon.  Here we'll have the opportunity to explore prehistoric caves & early Christian, rock-hewn churches located opposite the Sassi, on the other side of the canyon. Then we move on to the "Sistine Chapel" of rupestrian churches", the "Crypt of Original Sin", located on a private vinyard about 15 minutes outside of town.  The church, once used as a crypt, is hailed for its unique & equisite 8th century frescos depicting the early chapters of the Genesis & other biblical figures.
This excursion is great for a more naturalistic introduction to the town & offers close-ups, as well as breathtaking panoramas of the area's unique natural & 
urban landscapes and historic sites..
Tour Details
  • Duration: approximately 3 & 1/2 hours 
  • Cost: the cost varies depending on how transportation is organized and your group size. The tour can be adapted to suit your individual needs & interests. Contact me by emaifor an estimate.
  • Level of difficulty: easy - moderate, (depending on physical fitness level). *Comfortable walking shoes with good traction are a must!
Along the Canyon
The Crypt of Original Sin
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